What is MarketLife Plus?

Have you learned a bit about trading and are unsure where to go next?

Do you wish your results could be more consistent?

Ever learn a pattern — it looks so perfect in the book examples — but then when you go to the actual market you’re confused? Not sure if, when, or how it really works?

Would it be helpful to have the benefit of some professional perspective from someone who has been in the market for over two decades?

Well, you can, and for less than a dollar a day. Read on to learn about MarketLife Plus.

We created MarketLife Plus to help bridge the gap between learning and doing. It’s one thing to learn pattern examples or even to create a trading plan, but it’s very different when we start actually trading.

Get Market Direction Right

When you get the market direction right, lots of other things fall into place. Drawing on his many years’ experience writing institutional research for hedge funds and professional investors, Adam has created the Weekly Market Outlook. This hard-hitting, easy-to-read report is published every weekend and will give you a solid perspective on direction and risk in major markets.

In a few quick bullets, we distill the most important points you will need to watch this week. Many traders find solid trade ideas here, as well. Whether you use them for information, context, or actionable trades, you will have the confidence of a proven, professional perspective on the markets.

Plus bullets

Focus points from the MarketLife Weekly Market Outlook for 2/19/18.

Dig Deeper With Patterns

This report also includes snapshots of important structural points in major stock indexes and currencies. The visual presentation deepens your learning and comprehension of patterns. Again, many traders will find it easy to create actionable trade ideas from this information.

Es1 preview

Coverage of major stock indexes


And currencies, including cryptos.

Understand Markets and Relationships

Bias tables give quick overviews of major markets. Know what is volatile, what is moving, and where the most likely next steps are. At a glance, you’ll understand the inflections in the most important major, global markets. As a trader, this is information you can’t afford to be without!


Understand markets with our focused bias tables and summaries

Know What’s Strong and What’s Not

Relative strength is the backbone of many investment and trading strategies. We provide a wide-ranging perspective on global relative strength that looks at stocks from the global index all the way down to the sector/industry level. Futures and currencies are also ranked and analyzed for relative strength.

Our perspective also offers insights into volatility and risk that are not available with other relative-strength based approaches. This is an easy way to start incorporation more quantitative techniques into your own trading system.


Relative strength: know where the money is, and where it’s going

Know the Week Ahead

Ever wonder what report is likely to move the market? What’s really important? What you need to know about? We also provide a focused calendar outlining the most important developments in US markets for the coming week. Never get blindsided by an FOMC announcement again!


TradeLab: The Pointy End of the Spear

Tables and reports and analysis are useful, but it can still be overwhelming. That’s why we make it even simpler. A short PDF called TradeLab. In this PDF, Adam shows a current market with a tradable pattern, and then discusses exactly how to trade it. Where to get in. Where to get out if you’re right. How to know you’re wrong.

TradeLab covers stocks, currencies, futures, and even options—there’s something here for everyone. Deepen your understanding of your own chosen trading system, and explore other possibilities as you’re ready.

This report packs a lot into a page: a masterclass in market analysis, trade selection, and trade management.


Weekly TradeLab reports combine lessons with actionable trade ideas

Ongoing Learning and Trader Development

MarketLife Plus is designed to take the extensive free Trading Course (covering 9 modules with over 24 hours of video lessons and hundreds of pages of accompanying text and exercises) to the next level. To help you take those lessons and to make them work, for you, in the real market.

Who Is Plus For?

We designed MarketLife Plus to be powerful and affordable at the same time. If you’re just learning to trade, we can help you learn. If you’ve been around the block a few times and are ready for something different—something that actually works—we can point you toward your edge.

I’ve been in the markets for over 20 years and I can tell you one of the keys to your success: you must have your own system or approach. I’ve never seen anyone find long-term success using anyone else’s system. If it’s not yours, you don’t know it and you don’t trust it.

This is why we’ve created MarketLife around the ultimate idea of “teaching someone to fish”. Our education is not an afterthought. It’s not just marketing designed to sell our stock calls. Education is the core of what we do, and our success depends on your success.

MarketLife is for the trader who is serious about his or her success. MarketLife is for you. Start your trial today.

Only One Update a Week?

Our weekly report comes out once a week on weekends, and then we drop the TradeLab when the market makes an opportunity available. You might wonder if once week is enough. Well, it is because we focus on quality over quantity.

We know you’re busy and trying to sort through a lot of information every day, so we don’t burden you with unneeded information. We work hard to only give you information that is relevant and actionable. We work hard to only give you information that matters.

What If It Doesn’t Fit My Style of Trading?

I (Adam) have written institutional research for nearly a decade, and I’ve taught hundreds of traders and investors how to make money in the markets. I’ve learned how people learn and what people need to know to grow, and I’ve packed that into the MarketLife Plus service. I don’t think you will find as much value at such a price point anywhere in the world—live, professional market analysis.

Of course, maybe you’re a swing trader. Maybe you’re an options trader. Maybe you’re a long-term investor. Maybe you’re a daytrader. Maybe you don’t know what kind of trader you are yet. Over the years, I’ve learned how to tailor my work so it speaks to you on your timeframe. Once you understand how to read it, you’ll find powerful information that can strengthen your edge.

No Risk

I’m fond of saying there’s no free lunch—in fact, that’s one of the cornerstones of my market philosophy: there’s no opportunity without risk, and if you don’t see the risk you’re missing something.

However, I want to give you a way to try my work at absolutely no risk to you. In fact, I’ll make it less than no risk for you because I’ll take all the risk.

Sign up for a trial of MarketLife plus below. If you find it doesn’t help you or fit your trading style, cancel during the trial. Keep your access to the free trading course, the ongoing ChartSchool series, and everything else I offer to the trading community for free. Cancel at anytime during the trial and walk away.

However, if you decide you hate the service during the first week after we’ve billed you, I’ll still refund your money. In fact, I’ll refund your money ($25) PLUS I’ll pay you $10 for trying it out and taking the chance. I will buy you a free lunch just for trying MarketLife Plus!

There’s no catch, and no hidden risk. I’m putting my reputation on the line here, and I want you to be very happy with MarketLife Plus. If you aren’t, I’ll refund your money and buy you lunch. No hassle.

Sign up today to start putting the power of MarketLife Plus to work in your trading.

Your subscription includes immediate access to:

  • The insights in the Weekly Market Outlook report
  • TradeLab reports including an actionable trade idea that is happening “now”
  • The Free Trading Course, the Forum, and much more!

All of this, for the low price of $25 a month, less than $1/day, you can get professional guidance and insight as your work toward being the best trader you can be.

Don’t wait another minute. Click the link below. Make the commitment to your future and start today.

Guarantee certificate

P.S. I thought I would share a recent piece of feedback I received from a trader who literally changed his life with my work. In Justin’s own words:

"Stop all other learning and start with Adam's work. His approach to the market changed my results from hit and miss to consistent success. I am now a full time trader living the life I worked so hard to achieve. I cannot recommend Adam Grimes highly enough."

That can be you, too: living the life you want. Trading like you want. Finding success from your dedication and work in the markets. I want to be part of your success. Get started today!