Daily video with trade ideas + 22-hour trading course + Unique apps with quant edges + Supportive community = Real Results

Why are we doing this?

You’re about to discover that this FREE offer is not another mailing list, e-book – or commoditized “education” you can find on Google. It is a genuine, permanent membership in a worldwide community of self-directed traders for which most anyone in their right mind would charge the market rate.

So why are we giving it away for free, forever, with no strings attached?

We have started out like you – as retail traders, from home, with small accounts. Since then, we have been prop traders, hedge fund traders, quant traders, institutional traders – and in the last decade, trainers of and advisors to all of the above. We have not forgotten where we came from.

We have a real passion for helping retail traders all over the world – to help move the needle on the dismal statistics of consistent profitability that have resisted better technology, lower commissions, and anything else the industry has thrown at them.

Anyone can talk about having a passion. This is us putting our money where our mouth is.

We are excited to lower the barriers to entry and for access to reliable information. We are excited to pay it forward in honor of every mentor and fellow trader who helped us along the way. We are excited to do our part in leveling the field and democratizing trading.

If some of you are not yet committed to trading or are uncertain as to what asset class is a better fit for you, you are welcome to start with the free membership and see from there. And although our paid offers are very aggressively and reasonably priced, if some of you lack the means to afford them, or you’re a student not yet in the workforce, enjoy the free subscription and simply pass the word!

Does any of this describe you?

  • Jumping from strategy to strategy?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Suffering from FOMO, chasing or revenge trading?
  • Unable to go live or pull triggers?
  • Can’t find the missing link(s)?
  • Suffering from freezing, indecision, or gambling?
  • Depleting accounts and reloading?
  • Discouraged or intimidated?
  • Trading unprepared against the prepared?

What do I get with the FREE Membership?

  1. A one-of-a-kind trading course with 22+ hours of video, hundreds of pages of PDF exercises, and a battle-tested approach to technical trading that has been used to advise over 200 pro shops in more than a decade. Thousands of dollars are routinely charged elsewhere for (much) lesser courses.
    • Gain a solid understanding of probabilities – the important “numbers stuff” that makes trading work. Learn evidence-based technical analysis, price action, market structure and risk management.
    • Learn how to create a trading plan, how to manage your emotions while trading, and how it all works together.
    • The course has already guided over 20,000 traders along their journey — everyone from rank beginners to experienced professionals. This unique resource was created to combat some of the abuses in the “trading education” industry – and with one core idea in mind: to deliver tremendous value to the developing trader at no cost.
  2. Daily brief video with effective market analysis and concrete trading ideas – more substance and actionable information than most premium videos sold today – plus continuity of narrative and hard-hitting trading lessons.
  3. Limited access to proprietary tools and screens that will show you how the market is moving and help generate trading ideas.
  4. Limited access to unique apps that deliver directional bias and sometimes outright signals.
  5. Access to a forum where you can meet a group of like-minded traders and start building your trading tribe.

Good fit for:

  • Novice traders
  • Beginners not yet committed to trading
  • Developing traders
  • Traders unsure about their asset class of choice
  • Directional traders
  • Students not yet in the work force

Give yourself the gift of clarity and confidence

There are no secrets in trading. If you understand that trading is a skill, you understand that clarity and confidence come naturally as you develop that skill. Look over our shoulders and end the confusion, intimidation and frustration. Consider the opportunity cost of missed trades, lost income, lost compounding, and lost years – and the reality of psychological and account damage. Join us and access pro training, tools, methods and guidance at a cost that has never been offered before.