What is MarketLife Premium?

If you’ve had some success and failure in the market, my work might just be the thing that moves you to consistency. For many traders, it has done just that.

  • Market Review: Daily analysis videos and reports for both stock and currency markets.
  • setups & scans: An extensive and deep set of analytical tools, including a carefully curated list of the best setting stocks and currencies in the market.
  • Day Stats: An intraday scanner that can show you what’s really happening as the trading day develops.
  • Weekly Market Outlook: a compact report that shows you major directional tendencies, money flows, and relative strength for all the major global asset classes—currencies, stocks, indexes, and major futures markets.
  • TradeLab: real-time trade setups that take a market lesson and puts it in the format of an actionable idea.

I’ll give you a flood of solid trade ideas. Let me show you some trades on our flagship 'Stock Setups' list:

Solid trade ideas

One of the best things that can happen is for a trader to have some solid wins while learning. Many traders cover the cost of an entire year’s subscription with a single trade. Even more important, you’ll know why you’re making the trade, and how to find similar trades yourself.

Analytic snapshot
Algo scans

Stocks that made big volatility adjusted (SigmaSpike) moves.

A screen that shows you the strongest upward and downward trending stocks.

A finely-tuned screen for finding the best pullback candidates.

Screens for finding stocks set up to pop and drop.

Screens for finding stocks set to snap back in mean reversion.

Mr vid block

TradeLab covers stocks, currencies, futures, and even options—there’s something here for everyone. Deepen your understanding of your own chosen trading system, and explore other possibilities as you’re ready.

Tradelab example
Trade lab

Quickly see how the major markets and sectors are performing intra-day, which stocks are big movers on a volatility adjusted basis, and more.

Day stats block
Day stats example

Get market direction right with the weekly market outlook report.

This easy-to-read report is published every weekend and will give you a solid perspective on direction and risk in major markets.

W market update block

What do clients say?

"Adam's structured, clear and calm way of putting the market action into perspective is very valuable when you are being bombarded by sensational headlines all the time."

"Adam completely changed my trading behaviors and is influencing my entire life to a great extent... I would indeed recommend his site to any trader."

"There is A LOT of noise and "half-ass" services out there, but your market perspective is extremely valuable to me (and many others). Why? I'd say that you have a clear understanding of the market and present it in an easily digestible way (for the intermediate trader)."

"You also are the only (credible) person I read/watch that has a directional perspective that I find valid and convincing."

"I started with the course and have progressed to where I am slightly profitable in a little over three years. No magic here or grand promises. No ridiculous BS about making a million in your 3rd day trading. Just what I feel to be important concepts explained well and with realistic explanations both timewise and moneywise."

"Adam's work changed everything for me, for the first time I can actually make some sense of what happens in the market…."


Before we go any further, maybe I should tell you a bit about my story.
Have you seen those ads with all the guys who say things like “I was a school teacher and then, three years ago, I discovered how easy it was to make money in stocks?” Or “I hated my day job so I learned how to get rich daytrading penny stocks. Let me teach you too…”
Well, I’m not like those guys. First, I loved my day job and had achieved a high degree of artistry and skill… Second, once I started trading, I learned that it’s actually pretty hard to make money in the market, but it’s possible. I learned that most people focus on the wrong things.
I learned that most people fail, but I also learned why. And I can teach you.
I made all the frustrating mistakes you’ve experienced. (And I probably made some you haven’t discovered yet!) I tried every market and every way to trade. I explored every magical indicator or system. I banged my head against the wall over and over and over again…
Eventually, some people helped me learn, and I owe a lot to those mentors and teachers. I had many successes and setbacks along the way, but, on balance, I was figuring it out. When I had success in one market, I was able to figure out what I did right and carry it to other markets.
Over the years I’ve traded for my own account, for a small fund I put together, for a firm on the New York Mercantile Exchange, for one of the top prop firms in Manhattan; I’ve also traded pretty much everything you can trade: I have traded stocks, futures, currencies, and options, and I’ve traded these in many different ways and with many different techniques.
For most of the past 10 years, I’ve been writing institutional research. My clients have ranged from hedge funds to individual traders to advisors—one of the ways I describe my work is that I have been an advisor to the advisors. I went through a period where I did a lot of media—I’ve been published and quoted in many major publications and did a rotation on television.
Because I’ve been writing institutional research daily for years, my market analysis is rooted in reality and based on things that work. I will help you see through the lies and fearmongering that pass for much of financial journalism, and to sidestep the hysteria and hype of social media.
I firmly believe I can help you become the best trader you can possibly be, and MarketLife Premium is one of the best ways I can help you.

My Personal Guarantee

I want to take this risk for you. Here’s what I will do:

We start every subscription with a two week trial.

If you look at the material and decide for whatever reason, it’s not for you, just cancel your subscription. No questions. No hassle.

If you stick around longer and decide you hate the material after we’ve charged you, anytime in the first month, I’m going to give you your money back. Again, no hassle.

You’ll have a total of 6 weeks to decide if this is right for you.

"Stop all other learning and start with Adam's work. His approach to the market changed my results from hit and miss to consistent success. I am now a full time trader living the life I worked so hard to achieve. I cannot recommend Adam Grimes highly enough." - Justin