Pro traders + Pro tools + Insider skills = Real Results.

Are you struggling with consistent profits?

  • Jumping from strategy to strategy?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Suffering from FOMO, chasing or revenge trading?
  • Unable to go live or pull triggers?
  • Can’t find the missing link(s)?
  • Suffering from freezing, indecision, or gambling?
  • Depleting accounts and reloading?
  • Discouraged or intimidated?
  • Trading unprepared against the prepared?

Love-hate relationship with options?

  • Options offer massive advantages to retail traders with small accounts, often resulting in far greater percentage returns than trading stocks, with extremely attractive risk profiles.
  • Options are the fastest growing segment of retail trading globally and with recent commission cuts, there has never been a better time to get in the game.
  • But people ranging from rank beginners to veteran stock investors are intimidated by the needless complexity surrounding options.
  • It is a common experience for developing traders using options to succeed for a while till they get overconfident, then wipe out.
  • It is also a common experience to get a “PhD in options” from a financial education firm, but don’t know what to do come Monday morning.
  • We will demystify, simplify and streamline all of the above and help you take advantage of the singular opportunity that options offer to retail traders.

What do I get with Stocks & Options Edge?

  1. US equities – learn how to trade the underlying stocks/ETFs or options.
  2. Proven, simplified options strategies from the trenches – combined with discretionary calls and market context.
  3. Directional, range, non-directional or direction-indifferent trading – depending on context. Heavy reliance on directional for small accounts.
  4. Live trading room – interact with a professional trader. Recorded archives.
  5. Daily premium video with stock and options trading ideas + efficient and actionable market analysis.
  6. Proprietary apps including unique scans and filters with quant edges, bias and signals.
  7. Instruction, guidance and training for the developing trader.
  8. Forum with a supportive community of like-minded traders.
  9. Member-exclusive webinars and events.

Good fit for:

  • Swing traders
  • Small account rapid growth
  • Intraday traders
  • Large account outperformance
  • Active traders
  • Investors seeking diversification

Give yourself the gift of clarity and confidence

There are no secrets in trading. If you understand that trading is a skill, you understand that clarity and confidence come naturally as you develop that skill. Look over our shoulders and end the confusion, intimidation and frustration. Consider the opportunity cost of missed trades, lost income, lost compounding, and lost years – and the reality of psychological and account damage. Join us and access professional training, tools, methods and guidance at a cost that has never been offered before.



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