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"It is not so much that the market is against us; it is that the market sets us against ourselves."

Adam Grimes on the challenges of trader psychology in The Art and Science of Technical Analysis (Wiley, 2012), pg 347

Where to start?


Beginning traders will find guidance and support for their first steps here. The massive, completely free, trading course will help you build a robust approach to the markets in 25+ hours of video lessons and hundreds of pages of exercises in the companion workbooks. MarketLife Plus takes the classroom into real life, with TradeSchool (actionable trade ideas in real-time), the Weekly Market Outlook, and Chart School videos.


Experienced traders will find tools to help them polish and refine their edge, or to find better trading opportunities in the market. Look over the shoulder of a seasoned, professional trader every day in our MarketReview and FXInsight videos. Use our powerful algorithmic tools to find targeted opportunities in the market. And see Adam͛s List for a curated list of the best setups with a proven edge.

What do our members think?

Justin Orwin

"Adam's work is excellent... and helped me move from hit and miss frustration to consistently profitable, stress free, relaxed trading. In my 10 years of trading I can't think of anyone's work I admire more."


"Adam's ability to explain things in a clear and simple way has no comparison--simply the best and crystal clear. I would recommend your work to anyone who wants to learn how to trade the markets. I could go on forever praising your work, but there is one word that says it best--it works. Simple as that."

John D

"My trading has improved immensely and for the first time I have a sense that consistent profitability in the market is possible.... There is a saying, 'When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear.' If you're ready, Adam Grimes is a great teacher."

Successful trading is not about learning some tricks or even gaining knowledge - it's about growing to become a trader. That process - growth and becoming - is the heart of the trader's journey.



Adam Grimes has over two decades experience as a trader and system developer. He’s worked for small firms and big firms, from the farmlands of the Ohio Valley to the trading floors of the New York Mercantile Exchange. In addition to his work with MarketLife, he is also the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Waverly Advisors, LLC, an institutional research and advisory firm for which he writes daily market commentary. Adam is the author of the The Art & Science of Technical Analysis: Market Structure, Price Action, and Trading Strategies (Wiley 2012). He is also a contributing author for many publications on quantitative finance and trading, and is much in demand as a speaker and lecturer.

In addition to being a trader, Adam also has deep training in classical music (piano and composition) and classical French cooking. His perspective is both deeply quantitative and practical, and he has done extensive personal work developing his skills as a teacher, coach, and mentor. He is fascinated by the limits of human knowledge and peak performance—specifically, how do we get there and stay there, and how to teach others to do the same? Adam’s relentless focus on trading excellence and self-development through financial markets has created a unique body of work that has helped many traders move along the path to trading success.

What do you get with a MarketLife membership?

The Art and Science of Trading (Free)

Learn from the widely acclaimed trading course based on Adam's best-selling book, The Art and Science of Technical Analysis. Don't be fooled by the price! This course is free, but many would charge (and are charging) thousands of dollars for less content. Adam is a passionate teacher and this course is one of the ways he gives back to the trading community.

MarketLife Community Forum (Free)

Join our vibrant community of traders. Discuss your trades, ask, answer, and talk about all of trading or life's mysteries.

Meditation Guide (Free)

Trading is about more than mastering the market's patterns. It is about mastering yourself. Learn how meditation can be a part of your journey to self-mastery.

Select Chart School Updates (Free)

One of the problems learning is that what we learn in the classroom doesn't always apply in real life. ChartSchool solves that problem by turning real life markets into your classroom.

Weekly Market Outlook (Plus)

Start your week with a professional perspective on stock markets, sectors, currencies, and major commodity markets. Know the message of relative strength—where the money is going, and what's leading global markets.

Trade Lab (Plus)

The "pointy end of the spear". Trade ideas showing you current setups happening in the "now" and how to execute/manage them. A clear, actionable trade idea each week.

Chart School (Plus)

One of the problems learning is that what we learn in the classroom doesn’t always apply in real life. ChartSchool solves that problem by turning real life markets into your classroom.

Market Review (Premium)

Cut through the hype, fear, and emotion in the market's day to day moves. See Adam analyze market action down to the essentials. Know where markets are most likely to go, and how to position to profit from these moves.

FX Insight (Premium)

Insightful analysis for currency markets, covering both intraday and swing perspectives.

Q&A (Premium)

Adam answers clients' questions on everything from psychology to trading system development to current market conditions to frogs. (Well, probably not frogs. But one never knows...)

Day Stats (Premium)

Understand the day's action at a glance. Use a powerful set of analytics to understand what sector leadership, relative positioning, and intraday momentum tell us about the forces driving the market. Also, know what stocks are strong and weak, showing exceptional volume, making big moves off the open, holding open gaps for the day, and much more. If you are an intraday trader you can't not have this information.

Equity Scans (Premium)

Fourteen scans designed by Adam to filter the best results/setups in the market every day. Find lists of strongly trending stocks making a pullback, big movers that are consolidating, what's in play, and more!

Adams List (Premium)

See the setups Adam is watching. Adam's list shows you what stocks are setting up for trades and which are currently underway. Find longs, shorts, and decide what works for you!

Everything included in Plus!

In addition to all the MarketLife Premium benefits you get everyting included in a Plus tier subscription.

Here, we give you the knowledge and tools you need to become a trader and to build a profitable system. We will help you create everything you need to execute that system in the market.

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