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We’ve been trading professionally since the 1990s. We’ve seen the world change and the markets evolve. And we know what always stays the same. We know where you might get stuck, what mistakes you are likely to make, and we know how to help you.

We also know that when you want to trade actively – or self-direct your investments and take control of your financial future – it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices.

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Every day, get our insights and trade ideas and put them to work for you. See the power of solid directional calls on stocks, combined with a big picture read of the overall market, and put in context of solid risk management. Understand how options and leverage, used responsibly, can unlock one of the “master keys” of account growth.

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Get quality, institutional-grade market calls and analysis put to work for you. Go beyond the usual world of signals and bots and follow a proven, professional methodology. Swing trading in major currencies with solid price action, market structure, and quantifiable edges. Trade actively with any account size.

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Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. The market offers opportunity every day, but many traders lose because they do not have a gameplan—they do not understand that the battle is often won before the first tick of the day. Actionable information packed into a fast and hard-hitting report that distills the essence of the trading day to come.

  • Morning Prep video with major gameplans and influences for the day
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  • See how professionals read the news
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