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Adam and Tom,

I’m writing to thank you for your work with Marketlife Trading. As an instructor myself (neuroscience, not related to trading), I can appreciate how much thought and effort goes into creating a robust educational resource, and that is clearly present here. Aside from all of your great work, your honesty about the truths of trading is worth the most to me. I spent years investigating the market as a hobby (I'm a data nerd), but I struggled to find structure and direction in how to approach trading. Marketlife gave me exactly what I needed to move forward.

-Ayden Ferrier

Options Trading


Understand when, why, and how to use different options strategies in your trading. Our approachable, thorough, 12 chapter course teaches you the concepts behind how options work (the greeks) and how they can be integrated into your trading.

  • Twelve chapters
  • Understand the greeks. Delta, theta, gamma, vega.
  • Why should you trade options.
  • How and when to use different options strategies.
  • Pros and cons of different options structures and more!

Pullbacks Masterclass


A focused, insightful look at the most important element of market structure—the pullback. Learn how to find, enter, and exit A+ market pullback setups.

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