The MarketLife FX approach offers:

  • Daily insight and market analysis of major currency pairs
  • Coverage of both daily and intraday (4 hour) trade setups
  • Insights into trade management and managing risk in a correlated trading book
  • Practical, down in the trenches, perspectives on managing risk and the challenges of dealing with the unexpected.
  • A weekly trade room where you can get your questions answered and see us analyze movements in these important markets.

What you need to know to be a currency trader.

  • Currencies are often attractive to traders with small accounts—leverage can lead to some stunning percentage gains, but it also brings risk. Too many traders wipe out small accounts, and repeat the process many times.
  • We can bring structure and order to what is often a chaotic process for developing traders. Get the benefit of our experience, and sidestep the oft-quoted 90/90/90 statistic: that 90% of new customers lose 90% of their account value in the first 90 days. Don’t become a statistic!
  • We can guide you through the complex crosscurrents of the global currency markets. A big part of trading skill is simply knowing where to focus your attention at any time, when to wait, and when to aggressively pursue trades.
  • For years, our fx guidance was only available to institutional traders, hedge funds, and banks looking to manage risk. We bring this same discipline and structure to developing traders, and can help you become the best trader you can be.
  • Notice what’s missing from our message—we aren’t saying you can travel the world while you trade 5 minutes a day to fund your lavish lifestyle. That’s marketing glitz and it’s largely a lie. What we are telling you is that you can, with a little bit of time, attention and patience, develop the discipline to become a professional fx trader. And the best part is, you can start now, with the time you have available and whatever extra money you have.
  • No other asset class has such low barriers to entry. Nowhere else in the world can you tap into such virtually unlimited potential for such a modest cost.
  • Join our Forex Edge program today. Your first month will be a $7 trial—no obligation to continue if you find it’s not for you.
  • But… if it is for you… if you find something here that can help you find the best in yourself… trading results beyond your wildest dreams are within your grasp.

Are you struggling with consistent profits?

  • Jumping from strategy to strategy?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • Suffering from FOMO, chasing or revenge trading?
  • Unable to go live or pull triggers?
  • Can’t find the missing link(s)?
  • Suffering from freezing, indecision, or gambling?
  • Depleting accounts and reloading?
  • Discouraged or intimidated?
  • Trading unprepared against the prepared?

What do I get with Forex Edge?

  1. Daily insight and education on important market structure and developments in global markets.
  2. A look at the big picture, and at how stocks, metals, rates, and currencies move together and trader together.
  3. Broad perspective to help you develop your own style and approach to markets.
  4. Specific trade setups with stops, and ideas on entry and trade management.
  5. Trailing stops, as developing trades move from day to day.
  6. Proprietary apps and tools including unique scans and filters with quantifiable edges. Always know what is moving.
  7. Instruction, guidance, and training for the developing trader.
  8. Forum with a supportive community of like-minded traders. Find and make your tribe!
  9. Member-exclusive webinars and events.

Good fit for:

  • Forex traders
  • Intraday traders
  • Small account rapid growth
  • Directional traders
  • Short-term swing traders
  • Large account outperformance
  • Active traders
  • Long-term swing traders
  • Investors seeking diversification

Give yourself the gift of clarity and confidence

There are no secrets in trading. If you understand that trading is a skill, you understand that clarity and confidence come naturally as you develop that skill. Look over our shoulders and end the confusion, intimidation and frustration. Consider the opportunity cost of missed trades, lost income, lost compounding, and lost years – and the reality of psychological and account damage. Join us and access professional training, tools, methods and guidance at a cost that has never been offered before.



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